Ed Driscoll


My sources, at great personal sacrifice, were able to retrieve a copy of the final shooting script for The Matrix Revolutions, the final film in the Matrix trilogy, coming this fall. I can now reveal how the film ends. EXCLUSIVE–MUST CREDIT EDDRISCOLL.COM:

EXTERIOR, ZION TEMPLE: Zion is smashed, the robots have won. Sentinel robots and AGENT SMITH are closing in on NEO and TRINITY.

NEO: Trinity, this is it. I thought I was The One, but I was wrong. I’m sorry. I’ve let you down.

TRINITY: It’s OK. You tried. It was a noble goal. The Matrix was simply more powerful than we were. I love you.

The two embrace and kiss for the last time as the Sentinels move in for the kill.

DISSOLVE TO: A darkened room, where a couple is in bed. As the man wakes up and turns a light on, we can make out that it’s the bedroom of a tastefully decorated Chicago apartment, circa 1990.

BOB NEWHART: Honey, you won’t believe the dream I had this time!

SUZANNE PLESHETTE: Oh dear, not that New England country inn dream again, Bob.

BOB: No, it was weirder than that! You were in a leather catsuit, and Chicago was a computer simulation. The street names were right, but it looked exactly like Syndey Australia! Our neighbor Howard was a bald, mystical black man named Morpheus, and Carol lived in the projects and gave us our marching orders, and was called The Oracle. When we weren’t fighting robots, we were dancing in the mud in some underground city called Zion. And I could fly!

SUZANNE: Go back to sleep Bob.

DISSOLVE TO END CREDITS, fade out on MTM “kitten” logo.

Of course, now that I’ve revealed it, Warner Brothers is probably scrambling to reshoot those scenes…