Ed Driscoll

R2D2 VS. C3PO: Is there

R2D2 VS. C3PO: Is there a robot in your future? Dr. Joseph Engelberger, one of the fathers of robotics, says yes, in my latest Tech Central Station piece.

This was an offshoot of the article I wrote for this month’s issue of Nuts & Volts. Engelberger is the man they named the prize the winners receive on the DIY Network’s new Robot Rivals TV series. I called him for an interview, expected to get about five minutes or so of quotes about what it’s like to do the TV series.

Instead, I got about a half hour on his vision for an affordable home healthcare robot. about 10 minutes into it, I realized there’s an article there all by itself.

Fortunately, the folks at TCS agreed!

By the way, my copy of the June Nuts & Volts arrived a couple of days ago. The editors there did a terrific job of laying out my piece on Robot Rivals, and have lots of photos of the principals behind, and some of the robots featured on the show.