Ed Driscoll


WELL, HER INITIALS SEEM APPROPRIATE: Why is Barbra Streisand suing an
suing an environmentalist photographer for taking a photo of her house?

Singer/actress Barbra Streisand has filed a $50 million lawsuit against amateur photographer Kenneth Adelman for posting a photograph of her Malibu, Calif., estate on his website. The site features 12,000 other photos of the California coastline as part of a project to document coastal erosion for scientific and other researchers.

Adelman’s website, also contains photos of other houses along the coastline. He told CNSNews.com that Streisand was the only one who took legal action against him. Neither Streisand nor any other humans were caught in the photos.

The lawsuit names Adelman, his web hosting service and Pictopia, a photography company that distributes his work. It claims the picture of Streisand’s house violates her right of privacy and a state law enacted to curb paparazzi. The suit seeks to have the photo removed from the website and $50 million in damages.

The article says the photographer as and his wife spent the bulk of last year “photographing the entire California coastline from their private helicopter in public airspace from an elevation of 500 feet using a standard photo lens, not the telescopic kind of lens used frequently by paparazzi”.

So why is he being persecuted by Streisand, who in theory, should be a fan of coastal erosion studies.