Ed Driscoll


PAGING DR. ORWELL: Check out this bit of Clintonian parsing from John Kerry:

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said Tuesday that his controversial wartime comment saying the United States, like Iraq, needs a regime change was intended as a lighthearted remark.

”It was not about the president, and it was not about the war. It was about the election,” Kerry said during a campaign stop in Alabama.

Say what? If it was about the election, then by its very nature, wouldn’t it be about the president?

Dale Amon of Samizdata wrote in November that “Political Correctness is not a matter of what is said; it is a matter of who says it. The annointed are ‘allowed’ freedoms of speech unavailable to the hoi polloi.”

Fortunately, I’m not sure how annointed Kerry is these days.

UPDATE: “Sen. Daschle’s Fate [in the next election] Rests on War Comments