Ed Driscoll


CATS AND DOGS LIVING TOGETHER DEPARTMENT: My wife, who’s an attorney, just complemented Ruth Bader Ginsberg–for defending states’ rights–in an email to me:

The Supreme Court today dealt the Trial Lawyers (aka ambulance chasers) a blow in State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. v. Campbell. The Court not only cut back a 145 million dollar punitive damages award, but finally gave more clear cut guidelines as to what can be considered in awarding punitives (which are what the Trial Lawyers feed off of, and which no longer include the wealth of the defendant) and as to what is a reasonable amount of punitive damages.

Not surprisingly, the oddly named Center for Constitutional Litigation (aka, the Trial Lawyers) tried to downplay the importance of the case. But for those who have been unhappy about the trend towards huge judgments solely because the defendant’s resources, and away from any personal responibility (ie, having the sense not to balance hot cups of coffee in your crotch) – this is a good decision.

As a little federalist action, Judge Ruth (Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg) dissented saying this is all a matter for state courts.

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