Ed Driscoll


“THE GREATER THE GLORY”: Provocative email sent to Andrew Sullivan by one of his readers about how the media will make our victory in Iraq even more impressive, simply because of their habitual underestimation of President Bush:

Once again the media -which is almost genetically anti-Bush- has whipped itself into hysteria fueled by the hope that he will fail. I believe their hatred of him is the motivator and they are indulging in a kind of optimism that this will be his Waterloo. The most obvious comparison is of course Modo and Afghanistan.

But my point is that the more they screech that we are losing, the GREATER the glory of victory.

They are walking into a political trap of their own making. I believe they are about to make utter fools of themselves one more time. On some level, a substantial portion of the public senses this, “gets it” and in the end, this will only enhance Bush. They will be doing him a political favor.

Exactly. But do read the whole thing.