Ed Driscoll


There’s only so much coverage of protestors I can watch, when the local stations break away from Fox and other network coverage, so I went surfing, and came across a devastating piece on ESPN about how brutally Iraq treats its Olympic athletes–Uday Hussein led its Olympic program. One former volleyball star says that Uday is insane, and “urinates on athletes”. He’s showing the scars he has from being chained to the wall for days at a time. A former top soccer player says, “I was lucky: I was only tortured four times”, including once after his team lost, when “we’re were beaten, and nobody knows why.” When he tried to quit, his feet were whipped 20 times a day, and he was dragged on his back until it was bloody.

I think it was taped some time ago–here’s a companion piece from December of last year from their Web site.