Ed Driscoll

FRITZ QUITS? Bob Novak writes

FRITZ QUITS? Bob Novak writes that “National Democratic campaign operatives are convinced that Sen. Ernest F. (Fritz) Hollings, the fourth most senior U.S. senator and a onetime presidential aspirant, will not seek election in South Carolina for the seventh time next year at age 82″:

Although Hollings announced in 2000 that he would be running again in 2004, he has kept a low political profile and done no fund-raising. If he did run, he would face an uphill race after the 2002 Republican sweep in South Carolina.

Rep. Jim DeMint, a 51-year-old former marketing executive first elected to Congress in 1998, will be the Republican candidate. Hollings would face tough going against DeMint, who would be an overwhelming favorite if Hollings bowed out.

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