Ed Driscoll


Ann Coulter looks at Phil Donahue, then and now and writes:

Did people enjoy watching a man with the IQ of the average TV newsreader who passed himself off as Bertrand Russell? Or did they just want to watch something on TV?

We have the answer to that!

In a controlled scientific experiment, Donahue was given his own TV show on MSNBC in the new competitive environment of cable TV. That Boy’s ratings are the lowest in primetime TV for any news program. They are so low, Nielsen can barely detect them. One wishes bitterly that MSNBC could give shows to all the other pompous liberal blowhards once forced on the public, like Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite, so we could see how they’d fare with a little competition. Nielsen would not be able to “See It Now.”

* * *

One thing about liberals is they’re pesky devils. They’ll never quit. And now they are back again looking for the next “liberal alternative” to Rush Limbaugh. They have the money, the business consultants, the radio talent. Now all they need are ideas. There’s the rub.

Who is the probable candidate for radio talent?

Al Franken.

No, really! (As Dave Barry might say.)

Jonah Goldberg weighs in on his chances:

What’s funny is that Franken’s backers are banking on precisely what Franken shockingly didn’t know until recently: Conservatives are more entertaining than liberals. Oh, of course it’s true that professional