Ed Driscoll


“PLETHORIC AND DISTRESSED”: Joanne Jacobs, with an assist from Juan Gato, is all over Mark Morford of SFGate.com (The San Francisco Chronicle’s Web site) and his turgid “backwards ran the sentences until reeled the mind” prose:

You may think you’ve encountered bad thinking. You may think you’ve read bad writing. But never have the two been combined to such mind-rotting effect as in Mark Morford’s SFGate column in which he purports to explain why Shrub and “black eyed” Rumsfeld are hoping to kill 500,000 innocents in a “rubbly, pissant, nonthreatening” country. (He’s referring to Iraq.)

Doesn’t Morford think that the Iraqi people deserve more than to live in a rubbly, pissant, nonthreatening country?

UPDATE: Mike at ColdFury.com also has some thougts.