Ed Driscoll


WHEN THE PETE TOWNSHEND PEDOPHILE CHARGES BROKE over the weekend, I was stunned. It really felt like Woody and Soon-Yi all over again, and I took it very personally, because it was someone who’s career and art I grew up with–was shaped by. Here was another of my teenage idols, somebody who, despite his excesses and shortcoming, I felt was one of rock’s most intelligent men, who’s career and reputation had just self-destructed (and the key word is self: nobody put a gun to Pete’s head and told him to download kiddie porn). Beyond my own selfish considerations, what must his wife and daughters think of him?

At this point in time, I still don’t know what to add to the story, but Damian Penny is all over it, and has lots of thoughts of his own. Start here, and then scroll down and/or up, depending upon when you’re reading this.