Ed Driscoll


WHY ARE THE ROLLING STONES giving a free concert to frighten us all about global warming? Christopher C. Horner has an amusing essay on Tech Central Station:

Maybe I’ve gotten into Keith Richard’s stash, but wouldn’t it be great if the inane Stones moralizing this February ushered in a similar sobering in the consciousnesses of the unwashed? Would it not speak volumes about man’s capacity for critical thought if Greenpeace were to at least picket energy-slurping rock concerts agonizing over the alleged horrors of prosperity.

OK, so let me get this straight–the Stones (who in their youth were celebrated for peeing on gas station walls, worshiping the devil, hiring the Hell’s Angels to police a concert, and other acts of insightful example) are flying in via jet planes, hiring 57 tractor-trailers to haul their gear, hiring a stadium of some sort where 10,000 gasoline-burning cars will drive in, and using tens of thousands of watts of electricity, all to promote the dangers of global warming.

Back in the mid-1960s, after a trial concerning a particularly famous drug arrest, Keith Richards yelled at the judge, “We are not old men. We don’t need your petty morals.”

Congratulations Mick and Keith–you’ve just officially become old men–and boring, too.