Ed Driscoll

NAVEL-GAZING: It's kind of funny

NAVEL-GAZING: It’s kind of funny to see old “navel-gazers” canard hoisted up when discussing Weblogs. As I’ve written in the past (actually, about five minutes before this blog went online), that’s exactly what I thought blogs were all about a couple of years ago, even though I was routinely reading Virginia Postrel’s blog, and (less frequently) Andrew Sullivan’s as well.

I didn’t even think of those as Weblogs. It was only right around the time of 9/11, when I started reading Glenn Reynolds’ InstaPundit blog, which at the time had a prominent Blogger logo, that I began to put two and two together, and it finally dawned on me that Weblogs could be more than just day in the life, or relationship oriented.

Those types of blogs almost always leave me cold–which is why you rarely see that sort of material here. Of course, describing details of my life, which consists of long periods of sitting behind a keyboard typing, would put most readers to sleep faster than Sominex.

…although I did manage to connect the digital audio output of my PC’s soundcard to my home theater receiver yesterday. And my wife and I had sushi for dinner! And I cranked out two reviews for Blogcritics, while watching the Raiders and Broncos, and Jets and Patriots games!

(See what I mean?)