Ed Driscoll


“KILL KURDS, NOT MUMIA!” Napoleon Cole, writing on the Wall Street Journal’s Web site, is having fun crashing the “peace” party:

I pull up alongside a lone 50-something protester walking with his sign folded so I can’t see it.

“Hey, did I miss the protest?”


“Do you know where any other pro-Saddam things are going on?”

“No I don’t. I’m not sure if I understand you. Do you mean pro-Saddam or antiwar?”

“Either. I mean, same crowd, right?”

“I suppose . . .” He thinks for a second. “I don’t much care for your generation. You’ve got the message all wrong. This is all so stupid.”

“Where do you get your signs printed up? I want to make a sign that reads ‘Kill Kurds, not Mumia.’ How much do you think that would cost?”

I’m not sure if he ended up thinking that I was an actual protester or not, but nonetheless I ruined his day. It showed on his face as he walked away.

Hollywood apparently (unwittingly) agrees with Cole’s slogan.