Ed Driscoll

BEING CONDOLEEZA RICE: Yesterday evening,

BEING CONDOLEEZA RICE: Yesterday evening, Matt Drudge’s lead story mentioned that “In his new controversial book BUSH AT WAR, Bob Woodward reveals interior monologues of key newsmakers, including a description of National security adviser Condoleezza Rice’s thoughts — as she watched television alone…”

I know Matt thrives on controversy, but I’m not sure if this qualifies. If Woodward interviewed Rice, and she was willing to discuss what was going through her head during this particular moment, then it shouldn’t be all that difficult for Woodward to recreate that moment as a scene. Tom Wolfe does that sort of thing all the time, and has been doing so since the early 1960s.

Of course, if Condi says she never spoke to Woodward, then all bets are off, and Woodward cooked the books.