Ed Driscoll


IN A SILENT WAY: Miles Davis knew how to make silence work for him as a musician–by carefully choosing when not to play, he made what he did play that much more eloquent. George W. Bush seems to understand that that can work equally well for politics.

Orrin Judd writes:

While everyone’s focussed on the performance of George W. Bush in the days leading up to Tuesday, there ma be more to be learned about him by his performance since. First of all, here’s the difference between W and the two men who dominated the American political scene in the ’90s: we didn’t even see him yesterday. Think about that. Now try to imagine those two fat egomaniacal onanists, Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich, staying out of the limelight on Wednesday. You can’t can you? They would have made it all about themselves.

Precisely–although they each deserve credit for revitalizing their parties for a time, their desire to tan in the limelight afterwards ultimately did their parties more harm than good.