Ed Driscoll


GO LEFT YOUNG DEM: Orrin Judd says that “Democrats are probably going to look at tonight as a repudiation of the Clinton New Democrat/Third Way ideology and the party is extremely likely to jag to the Left“:

This has the “advantage” of suiting where the activists would like the Party to be anyway, but the disadvantage of putting them at odds with the nation.

To get some sense of where this leads them, just imagine how much uglier tonight would have been if instead of “conservative” Democrats–Shaheen, Bowles, Pryor, Cleland, etc.–running as kind of softer versions of Republicans, you’d had full-throated liberals running on genuine Democrat positions, like raising taxes and opposing the war. It could not possibly have helped, but that’s what their ’04 campaign may well look like.

There’s going to be lots of fascinating stuff written about this election–and what’s to come next.

Stay tuned.