Ed Driscoll


I LOVE THIS OPENING PARAGRAPH by Zev Chafets in the NY Daily News:

Here’s all you need to know about Saturday’s “peace” demonstration near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington. Al Sharpton was the most moderate, pro-American speaker there.

“We are the real patriots,” he told the much-smaller-than-expected crowd. “We are the true face of America.”

Geez, I don’t think so, Al! Incidentally, Chafets makes another good point regarding how toxic the “peace movement” has become near the end of his essay:

As a hawk, this should make me happy, but it doesn’t. Wartime democracies need a loyal opposition. A large, pro-American peace movement would be a good tool for keeping the government honest as it pursues its (very justified) war against the Islamic Axis.

Nice idea, but I’m afraid the idea of “pro-American” largely departed the peace movement around 1967.