Ed Driscoll


IRA EINHORN FOUND GUILTY OF MURDER: The ex-hippie guru was convicted for murdering his 30 year old girlfriend in 1977 and stuffing her corpse in a locked steamer trunk in his apartment.

If you’re familiar with Philadelphia and her DA, the tough talking, hard-as-nails Lynne Abraham, you’ll love this classic line: “Metaphorically speaking, Ira Einhorn and his Virgo moon are toast.”

While he won’t get the death penalty, (as part of our deal with France to expedite him), it’s a safe bet that Einhorn will get life in prison. I guess it’s time to give the “Free Mumia” crowd another celebrity convict to rally behind.

Speaking of which, how ’bout this juxtaposition on Yahoo? A search under “Mumia Abu-Jamal” brings up the following categories at the top of the page:

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