Ed Driscoll


WANT LUXURY? TAKE THE BUS! I’m not sure if I’m buying Brock Yates’ essay, but mainly because I have terrible flashbacks from leaving NYU to come home to South Jersey for weekends. I’d leave on Friday night, via Manhattan’s Port Authority Bus Terminal. The folks who inhabited that Terminal, as well as my bus (a conventional, Greyhound-style bus–probably ex-Greyhound) seemed straight out of Night of the Living Dead.

But I can’t argue with this logic:

This is a natural evolution of the travel business. With Amtrak bound up in idiotic government meddling, egregious union work rules, outdated trackage and useless routes and most of the airlines in the tank – despite $5 billion in government aid since 9-11 with more on the way – there had to be other solutions. A luxury bus line like Exec Connect America will hardly solve the problems of the travel industry, but it sure as hell can remove some of the misery for harried business travelers who have borne the brunt of the downward spiral in the air and rail passenger business. And that’s a start.

Fair enough.