Ed Driscoll


LORD OF THE RINGS EXTENDED CUT COMING TO DVD: The Digital Bits has the details of this extended version of the LOTR that’s coming soon, including this tidbit:

Many of you already know a little about the 30 minutes of material that’s been added back in, but here’s a list of SOME of the new scenes: an extended opening with Bilbo writing his memoirs, a new introduction to Samwise Gamgee, a scene at the Green Dragon Inn, the Hobbits witnessing the departure of the Elves from Middle Earth on the way to Bree, Aragorn singing the ballad of Beren and Luthien, Aragorn at his mother’s grave, new moments during the departure from Rivendale in which we see Arwen’s emotional reaction to Aragorn’s leaving as well as Elrond seeing the Fellowship off, a scene in the mines of Moria in which we learn how the Dwarves unleashed the fire-demon, Galadriel’s complete gift-giving scene at Lothlorien and more footage of the battle at Amon Hen.

The folks at the Bits have more details, so if you’re a LOTR fan, click on over and check it out.