Ed Driscoll


TREEHUGGER QUESTION: I just noticed this item in the San Jose “Murky News” story about the Earth First protester who died after falling from a tree:

Ward said the man was in his mid-20s and had recently come to Santa Cruz. He was homeless before deciding to join a tree-sit protest against Redwood Empire, Ward said, the San Jose-based firm now logging the approximately 50-acre site.

Does this mean that’s he was no longer homeless since he found a tree to sit on?

Since when did a tree, on land you don’t own, count as a legal residence?

UPDATE: H.D. Miller says that the Redwood Empire protester is nowhere near the record for a protester falling from a tree, and suggests that this could be a new category in the Darwin Awards. Someone should update the Monty Python People Falling from Buildings” sketch to reflect this new competitive sport.