Ed Driscoll


LARRY KUDLOW SUGGESTS that Bush should give a Cincinatti-style talk on the economy, and adds:

President Bush has been Reagan-like in his prosecution of the war on terror. But he has a long way to go on the economy if he is to meet the Gipper’s domestic-leadership test.

More than likely, it is the Bush economic team that is not developing the necessary pro-growth formula. There are some bright heads in the group, but they are offset by the meatheads. No good deed goes unpunished in this gang.

But economic victory can still be rescued from the jaws of defeat. Rumors abound that the White House is now engaged in a job search to completely revamp its economic team. Market-savvy New Yorkers like Blackstone’s Steve Schwartzman and the New York Stock Exchange’s Richard Grasso might be on the list to replace the ineffective Paul O’Neill at Treasury. There are also some welcome plans for the post-Greenspan era at the Fed. With new leadership blood in place, a vigorous effort to bring significant growth back to this economy can begin.