Ed Driscoll


CNN: NO TIME FOR ISRAEL: Found on the New York Post’s Page Six section:

CNN is refusing to run ads promoting Israel as the Middle East’s only democracy. The American non-profit group israel21c.org is behind a campaign to educate Americans about Israel on issues other than the Palestinian conflict. The commercial in question, which runs on ABC and NBC in New York and Washington, D.C., states, “As in America, all Israeli citizens – Christians, Muslims and Jews – have freedom of religion and the right to vote.” But CNN allegedly told the organization that carrying the spot “could increase the threat to our staff and correspondents around the world,” a source tells PAGE SIX’s Ian Spiegelman. Reps for israel21c.org asked CEO Walter Isaacson to reconsider, and were later told that CNN does not run ads dealing with international policy. “That’s bullbleep,” says our spy, adding that CNN has run commercials on global warming, landmines, and funding the United Nations, a pet cause of Ted Turner’s. A CNN rep says the company has a blanket policy of “not running advocacy advertising regarding international issues from regions in conflict.”