Ed Driscoll


JOHNNY UNITAS DIED TODAY AT AGE 69. Unitas was of course, one of the NFL’s greatest QBs–and a superstar in the 1950s and ’60s, despite (or perhaps because of) his hi-top black cleats and flattop haircut. The contrasting appearances of the conservative-appearing old veteran Unitas and the swinging mod young Joe Namath were part of the elements that made Super Bowl III so memorable.

Oddly enough, prior to the announcement of Johnny U’s death, I was reading this page earlier on the Dallas Morning News Web site, which said “Before Sept. 11 adopted a somber legacy, the date might have been known for its serious football coaching karma. Tom Landry would have been 78 on Wednesday. Bear Bryant would have been 89.”

And Unitas died today. Rest in peace, old Colt.