Ed Driscoll


IS JUSTICE POSSIBLE? Not if the experience of Pan Am 103 is any indication, according to David Shukman, writing for National Review Online:

Even if [convicted terrorist Abdelbaset Ali Mohamed al-Megrahi, now serving a life sentence in a Scottish prison] is guilty, surely a middle-ranking Libyan intelligence officer would only act under orders? And those orders, presumably, would have to come from the top, from Khaddafi? Yet we see no desire to pursue this case any higher. By contrast, we see the urgent diplomatic desire for closure. In the same speech earlier this month in which he lined himself squarely beside George Bush on Iraq, Tony Blair talked of extending the “hand of friendship” to Libya, hoping it would come into “full community of international relations.” A junior British minister was despatched to Tripoli in August.

And what of the many other theories about who did it? Might the attack not have been ordered by Iran in revenge for the shooting down of an Iranian airbus by the USS Vincennes, and carried out, under Syria’s guidance, by Assad’s client terrorist group the PFLP-GC? Or might Atef Abu Bakr, once Abu Nidal’s right-hand man, have told the truth to an Arabic newspaper recently when he recalled his master boasting that he was behind the attack?