Ed Driscoll


RELIGION OF PEACE, PART 2,672,927: A 30-year-old Nigerian housewife named Amina Lawal may very well get stoned to death in the not too distant future. The reason?

Lawal was arrested by police earlier this year after she gave birth out of wedlock. She confessed to having had extramarital sex and an Islamic court sentenced her to be stoned to death.

As with the earlier case of Safiya Husseini, who was later cleared on appeal, Lawal’s conviction outraged rights campaigners and embarrassed Nigeria’s federal government.

But Lawal’s appeal was thrown out last month, and President Olusegun Obasanjo’s regime said that while it considers Sharia criminal law unconstitutional it would not intervene.

UPDATE: And here’s part 2,672,928.