Ed Driscoll


Media Research Center has a video clip of a July John Stossel special which showed how cable music channel VH1 turned booing of Senator Hillary Clinton into cheering:

Senator Clinton was booed when she walked on stage last October at a rock concert in Madison Square Garden to benefit 9/11 victims. It was shown live by VH1 but, as ABC’s John Stossel illustrated in a July 20/20 special on media distortions, when the Viacom-owned cable channel replayed it sound technicians replaced the booing with cheering and applause. And that version is the permanent record VH1 put onto its DVD of the event.

I’ve long known that rock stars replace their flubs on live albums through judicious overdubbing. I didn’t know that politicians did as well.

Somewhere, George Orwell is chuckling, softly.