Ed Driscoll

BLOGCRITICS.COM: I recieved a press

BLOGCRITICS.COM: I recieved a press release from Eric Olsen of Tres Producers, who says that Blogcritics.com is planning to debut tomorrow:

Eric Olsen http://tres_producers.blogspot.com/ and a consortium of over 100 of the web’s best writers are excited to announce the launch of an innovative new music/book review site, Blogcritics.com, tomorrow August 13.

Besides reviews, essays, fantasias and the like on a tremendous number of CD’s, artists, and books, we are honored to welcome RECORDING INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA (RIAA) PRESIDENT CARY SHERMAN TO A LIVE CHAT ON BLOGCRITICS.COM tomorrow, August 13, AT 11AM EASTERN TIME.

Mr. Sherman will be answering questions about the future of the industry in these changing times.

For more information on Blogcritics.com and the launch, please [click here].

Oddly enough, I’m apparently in the top 100 that Eric refers to in his press release!