Ed Driscoll

FAIR FIGHT: Stanley Kurtz says

FAIR FIGHT: Stanley Kurtz says that “In an audacious and ingenious move, the Center for Individual Rights is suing the agency in charge of enforcing the government’s anti-discrimination policies for its own longtime sponsorship of discriminatory hiring”, and adds:

Affirmative action thrives on secrecy. Politically, morally, and legally, its injustices and irrationalities cannot survive the light of day. The American people believe too deeply in individual rights and basic fairness to tolerate the reality of discrimination that travels under the deceptively innocuous label of “affirmative action.” That is why legally mandated reporting requirements of government programs have so often been affirmative action’s undoing. Even now, the Center for Individual Rights, through its immensely important cases against the University of Michigan, has a very real chance of bringing affirmative action in America’s colleges and universities to an end. Yet without the public’s right to know the reality of this state university’s practices, that chance would have been lost. Now, once again, with the case of Worth v. Martinez, the Center for Individual Rights has succeeded in using the government’s own reporting requirements to expose the shameful truth of so-called affirmative action.

Excellent article–and well worth checking out.