Ed Driscoll


INTELLECTUAL DISHONESTY, 101: Check out this astonishing quote by Joe Lieberman:

“In just eighteen months, this administration has unraveled the fiscal discipline it took us eight years to build,” said Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, who spoke to the Democratic Leadership Council’s annual policy meeting along with Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry and Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle.

Let’s parse this out, shall we?The economy of the 1990s would have been in the dumps if (a) Hillary-Care had come to pass. Fortunately, it didn’t, but Americans were royally p.o.’ed by it, resulting in them electing (b) a Republican-held House and Senate in 1994, which attempted to balance the budget and blocked the most egregious of wealth-destroying Democrat ideas. (c) The Nasdaq began to tank during the Microsoft Lawsuit, in mid-2000. Who was President then? (d) It was at its peak during the late-1990s, when both parties were too distracted by Clinton’s impeachment to monkey with the economy. And finally (e) the current economy has its roots in the combination of early-80s tax cuts by the Reagan administration and inflation destroying actions by Paul Volcker.

Lieberman must be caught in the same distortion of the space-time continuum that Al Gore is in.