SELLING MARTYRDOM: Little Green Footballs links to a very, very strange ad campaign filled with Palestinian kids emulating famous celebrities and western European icons they’d like to be when they grow up.


In an astonishing bit of irony, the campaign includes such images as John Lennon, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and other pacifists and proponents of peace who (we’d like to think), would be appalled by suicide bombers and all other forms of terrorism.

Err, didn’t Lennon sing “Give peace a chance”? “War is over, if you want it”? “You’d better recognize your brothers, join the human race”? “Imagine all the people living life in peace”? Hey, it all sounds incredible trite, simplistic and silly in retrospect (it sounded the same back then as well, to anybody over 16 years old), but at least his emphasis wasn’t on murder.

And if the Palestinians had had the sense to try Ghandi’s non-violent tactics 20 years ago, instead of suicide bombers, it’s a pretty safe bet they’d have their state by now.


Mideast Truth, the bloggers whom LGF links to, write “Noticeably absent from the aspirations of the young children… be Muslim. In fact if you look at the list of people they model themselves after, you’ll see a few Jews and a bunch of Christians. No Mohammed’s in this list!”

(Check out the comments as well on the LGF site, to get some idea of just how strange/sick/ill-conceived/bizarre, etc. this campaign is.)

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Dawson Jackson has much more graphic photos that probably won’t be part of a Palestinian ad campaign anytime soon.


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