Rod Dreher has a fun article in National Review Online called “Birkenstocked Burkeans–Confessions of a granola conservative.”

As someone who shares some cultural interests that might be considered a bit err, liberal by some (modern art and architecture, cool jazz from the 1950s and ’60s, rock music, Philip Glass, and Stanley Kubrick), but whose politics are libertarian/Conservative/classical liberal, etc., I really enjoyed this piece. And judging by the responses that Dreher has posted in NRO’s Corner Weblog, apparently, so have a lot other people.


Admittedly, a lot of these interests stem from my college days, when I was apolitical, naive, uninformed (hell, unformed!) but I’m not going to jettison them now, simply because I enjoy them. (But no Granola please. I’m allergic to nuts for one thing, and quite frankly, I’d rather have the crisp shrimp in mustard sauce at The Four Seasons.

Its funny–when I was a 20-something doing financial planning and investment advising in the South Jersey, people who didn’t know me thought I was the token liberal. And now that I’m in California, I’m the token Ike-fan whose appearance is seemingly stuck in the 1950s (if not earlier).

Go figure.

UPDATE: In case the Bobos reference in the above title flies over your head, check out these review of David Brooks’ Bobos in Paradise by Orrin Judd and Robet Locke. And then go buy a copy today–it’s a fun read about a significant new class in America.


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