Ed Driscoll


MORE SOBRAN COMMENTS: While searching for a link referring to Bush and Cheney’s Adam Clymer episode, I found this essay by Jonah Goldberg, which discusses the Left and the “the pre-Enlightenment Right”, i.e. Paleoconservatives. Check this paragraph of Jonah’s out, and tell me if doesn’t tie in with Sobran’s speaking to a Holocaust err, debating organization:

I argued that the Left has become an enemy of classical liberalism, largely by adopting many of the attitudes of the pre-Enlightenment Right. The Olde Right (Hey! That extra “e” is super classy!) was unapologetically racist, in the sense that racial and ethnic categories were believed to be permanent and at all times relevant. Today it is the Left that speaks of permanent racial categories and how we cannot transcend our own racial or ethnic identities.

And it’s also the Paleos as well, as witnessed by Pat Buchanan’s recent book.

The problem is that just as the Left is often thought as being a collective group of Jane Fondas and Noam Chomskys, too many people will read about a former editor of National Review speaking at the Institute for Historical Review on “the Jewish question” (the last person I heard use that phrase had patent leather jackboots and death’s head symbols on his lapels) and believe that their worst fears about Conservatives in general will be realized. And Sobran should have thought of this before agreeing to speak there.