Ed Driscoll

GREAT QUOTE: "people will sometimes

GREAT QUOTE: “people will sometimes do stupid or evil things with their freedom. But without their freedom, they will seldom do great things. So by protecting society against one, you also deprive it of the other.”–ArmedLiberal, via InstaPundit, on the importance of…armed liberals–and armed citizenry in general.

He also makes a great rebuttal to the “but the government has tanks and aircraft. So why should citizens be armed?” argument:

it fundamentally changes the nature of the relationship between the individual and the State. I am pretty dubious about the apocalyptic fantasies of those who believe that a cadre of deer hunters could stand up against the armed forces of the U.S. or some invading army. In reality, I think that the arms possessed by the citizens of the U.S. are primarily symbolic in value, much like the daggers carried by Sikhs. But, having lived in Europe, I think that the symbolic value carries a political and social weight.

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