Ed Driscoll


BOYCOTT McDONALDS: If a National Review Online author calls for it, that means it’s a campaign that’s not just for anti-global leftists anymore!

Actually, the article is about Arab boycotts of American products–that’s just the lead. And the author, James S. Robbins, makes an excellent point:

Arab consumers may not be willing to make this kind of sacrifice. They may forgo Western goods where there are Arab alternatives, but not give up consumption altogether. And in the final analysis, does it really make a difference from a globalization standpoint if the pizza being consumed in Doha has an American or a Qatari name? It is still pizza. A burger is a burger, whether or not it is a Saudi Burger. The Arab reactionaries cannot stop the westernizing of their culture simply by switching to domestic knockoffs of Western goods; in fact, that tactic marks their surrender to it.