Ed Driscoll

NYU, POST 9/11: Jeffrey Sackmann,

NYU, POST 9/11: Jeffrey Sackmann, a recent graduate of NYU on his way to obtaining a Ph.D in English Literature at UW-Madison has started a blog to focus on education and social issues (“but the blog may drift far afield”) called The Confidence Man. In one of his first posts, he looks at the state of patrotism on NYU, which sounds much better than it does at several Bay Area colleges. Sackmann says:

9/11 didn’t change my values or ambitions, but mine weren’t typical of a college senior to begin with. It has been entertaining chatting with friends who would be better fits for Berkeley: after 9/11, they found themselves in a disapproved minority. They did not handle it well, though they eventually receded into a smug, shrill corner.