YUCK: Group Captain Lionel Mandrake

YUCK: Group Captain Lionel Mandrake has a photo of the proposed new European Union flag–and it’s really bad, especially when compared to the photo below it of the current EU flag, which is at least much easier on the eye.


I made two very silly points on the comment section of the good Group Captain’s blog, which I’ll repeat here:

Remember when I mentioned that I saw “Vanilla Sky” and started channeling Beavis and Butthead’s “This thing sucks, but it sucks in like, ways we haven’t seen stuff suck before” bit?

This flag sucks in ways we haven’t seen stuff suck before.

Truly hideous.


I would discuss the Orwellian implications of the barcode-like design of the flag, but I always feel a bit gouache invoking the original Mr. Blair’s name.

But this flag really is bad. The esteemed InstaPundit also weighed in on the issue, on his blog. And he’s right–the timing couldn’t be better.

Political assassinations, anti-Semitism, taxing the Internet. When the chips are down–let’s design a new flag!


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