SYNDER AND SPURRIER SPUR NEW AD SALES: Washington Redskins owner Dan Synder has added computerized graphics to the backdrop behind head coach Steve Spurrier for his Monday press conferences. The result? More ad revenues for the Skins:


“Let’s say the Redskins win a championship,” Migala said. “Budweiser could put up a message saying, ‘Bud Light congrats the NFC champion Washington Redskins.’ Then go across to the AFC team, say the Baltimore Ravens, and they’ve got a static banner that doesn’t have the personalization.”

Although the banners have only been around a few years, they are big business, especially now that ESPN regularly broadcasts many coaches’ news conferences live on Mondays during the season. According to Team Marketing Report research, NFL teams on average generate about $500,000 in ad revenue from the backdrops.

The NFL is very much a copycat league, so watch for other teams to adopt this advertising for their coaches’ press conferences. Jerry Jones is probably planning his version even as we speak.


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