MURDEROUS CAPTOED THUG JOURNALISM: Stephen Green, aka the VodkaPundit, has a footwear analysis of leading journalists, as well as movers, and/or shakers of the right wing/libertarian variety:


NOTE: Bill Kristol has never, as far as I know, worn jack boots. Hence the “wing-tip thug” comment. Pat Buchanan is also a wing-tip thug, but he pretends he’s wearing construction boots.

I hope to Whomever that I stop doing Footwear Political Analysis. Soon.

UPDATE: I’m still catching up on all I missed last week, so let me say it now: Virginia, I somehow knew you’d be wearing three-inch heels. That’s all I’m going to say — just in case Melissa is reading this.

In the efforts of lugubriously full disclosure, I do have a pair of black New & Lingwood captoes, which I bought at their Jermyn Street shop when I was in London in May of 2000, after Tom Wolfe rhapsodized so eloquently about them in Bonfire of the Vanities. I also have a pair of $800 Alan Flusser brown English-made captoes, and a pair of his suede wingtip slipons, which were each on sale for $150 at Saks in New York in February (I’m wearing the Flusser captoes in the Segway photos, on Litewheels’ Web site, by the way. Flusser is apparently, hopefully temporarily, giving up the tailoring business and concentrating on his book writing, hence Saks was dumping his shoes in their President’s day sale.)


Of course, on Monday, I bought a pair of $34.95 Florsheim deck shoes at the Milpitas Great Mall.

What my footwear choices say about me, I’ll leave to Green, Tom Wolfe, and Dr. Freud. And they can probably also explain why on earth I’m telling you all this (not the least of which was the kick I got out of Green’s post.)


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