Ed Driscoll


AND STEPHEN GREEN MAKES BETTER LISTS THAN ERIC ALTERMAN: Good list of “Things I Know But Cannot Prove” at VodkaPundit. I only have two items that I can quibble with:

1. Gin (at least decent Tanqueray-quality gin. Gordon’s or Kassers gin is another story) is definitely better than Vodka, especially in Martinis. But this is one of those cats/dogs, DC/Marvel, Star Wars/Star Trek, Fender/Gibson arguments over which reasonable people can disagree.

2. I don’t thinkGlenn Reynolds brutalizes dozens of caffiene-addicted pre-law students into scouring the web for items of interest in some sort of bizarre Internet sweatshop”, but given the amount of stuff he posts, you never know. But until proven otherwise, I’m sticking with the belief that he gets his content the old fashioned way–he types it himself.