In the spirit of Muggeridge’s Law, check out John J. Miller on the Polly Awards in today’s National Review Online. The Polly Awards are handed out by the Collegiate Network “to highlight the noxious tendencies of radical faculty and students at the nation’s colleges.” The University of California at Berkeley won two of five “Polly” awards today for outrageous political correctness.


Berkeley’s first award came for a case of what the CN calls “multicultural hooliganism”: In February, a group of left-wing students broke into the office of The Patriot, a conservative student newspaper, and stole its entire press run, valued at $2,000. Editors who filed a police report were then met with death threats. The incident apparently was occasioned by a Patriot article critical of a radical Hispanic group, MEChA, which calls for the revolutionary liberation of the “bronze continent for bronze people.” The Berkeley chapter of MEChA receives $20,000 from the university.

Berkeley’s other award was for its now-famous sex-education class, which featured “an orgy at a class party and [a visit to] a strip club, where [students] watched an instructor have sex onstage.”

For the rest of the award “winners”, read Miller’s article.


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