Ed Driscoll


WOODY, FATTY, AND DERSHOWITZ MEET AT INSTAPUNDIT: Woody Allen’s appearance on the Oscars, Fatty Arbuckle, Alan Dershowitz and more–the secret connection revealed at InstaPundit.Com.

Actually, I was rather happy to hear that Woody Allen was on the Oscars. I still think he’s a talented filmmaker, in spite of numerous films that seemed like he was trying to derail his own film career, and of course, the infamous Soon-Yi scandal. Allen had talked about making an appearance on the Oscars years ago (in Eric Lax’s hagiography), and the first post 9/11 Oscar must have seemed like the perfect opportunity. Of course, I’m an old softie when it comes to Woody–he and Kubrick were favorite filmmakers of mine, when I was in college.