Ed Driscoll


FROM QUAGMIRE TO “MISSION-CREEP”: Yet another call the beware the Ides of March. Oh wait, we’re past those. OK, yet another call (humorously issued by Jeff Jarvis) to beware The dreaded Afghan springtime:

Remember when we were told that winter in Afghanistan would be a killer, assuring us a quagmire?
Now we’re supposed to dread the melting snows of springtime.The Guardian:

American military and intelligence chiefs are bracing themselves for an upsurge in guerrilla-style attacks from al-Qaida and Taliban forces in Afghanistan when the snows melt in a few weeks time.

As concern continued to grow among British backbench MPs of a possible “mission creep” in Afghanistan, the CIA director, George Tenet, warned that al-Qaida terrorists were poised to step up their activities following the spring thaw.

We advance from guagmire to “mission-creep.”
I dread that Afghan summer.