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REMEMBERING 9/11: Glenn Reynolds writes:JONAH

REMEMBERING 9/11: Glenn Reynolds writes:

JONAH GOLDBERG says we should work to remember the horror of 9/11, but that the TV networks are papering it over. Yeah, I know I mentioned that already, but at least you can link to this website, which I should have mentioned when I posted on Goldberg’s piece the first time around.

Keep a case of Kleenex, or an airsick bag, or both, handy when viewing these images–they’re truly a punch in the gut, and a reminder of the purpose of Operation Enduring Freedom. As Jonah wrote in his column, it speaks volumes about television news organizations and their fear that we’re too weak to handle these images. And that’s the whole point: putting the people who created them–savage, inhuman terrorists–out of business, and off the planet, permanently.