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DUBYAMAN? Matt Drudge links to

DUBYAMAN? Matt Drudge links to this peculiar Reuters article about an Indian comic strip called “Dubyaman”:

The controversial comic strip — being exhibited in New Delhi — was launched in one of the country’s leading newspapers, The Times of India, after Bush vowed to bring Osama bin Laden to justice “dead or alive” after the plane attacks in September.

“The situation has all the elements of a black comedy. I saw an American style superhero — in the mould of a comic book Superman — but one who had the knack of tripping over his tonsils every time he opened his mouth,” said Jug Suraiya, the writer of the comic strip.

“And so Dubyaman was born. A deranged superhero destined to skid on the banana peel of his own ineptitude,” said Suraiya, India’s answer to Art Buchwald

And Ted Rall as well, judging by the rest of the article. And notice how the writer of the piece (no byline is given) never comments on Suraiya’s enormous moral equivalence, equating America’s war on al-Qaeda with the terrorists themselves. And it ends with this doozy from Suraiya:

“In either case, today Dubyaman is no longer an individual but a state of mind: a combination of arrogance, ignorance and intolerance.”

A state that Suraiya sounds intimately familiar with, himself.