Ed Driscoll


TODAY IS THE SIXTH MONTH ANNIVERSARY OF SEPTEMBER 11. Glenn Reynolds has posted a link to what he wrote on his Instapundit.com site that awful day. “Note that things start off normally”, he says, and then everything hits the fan. See also Virginia Postrel’s Web log from that same day, which I remember reading many, many times as the day went on.

Speaking of which, for what it’s worth, here’s what my wife and I did that day, as well as my interview with Alvin Toffler soon after, and my article on what was going through the minds of the financial markets the following Monday.

UPDATE (Posted 9/11/02): While the above InstaPundit link is still active, within about 30 seconds of clicking on it, you’ll be transported to Glenn Reynolds’ new server. Here’s the URL for that week’s archives at his new Web address. Scroll down and look for the dotted line that marks the demarcation point at which point Glenn’s posts reflect the fact that the world has just changed.