Old Soldiers Never Die, They Merely Get Heckled by Ferguson Protestors

“‘Peaceful protesters’ disrupt ceremony for 100 yr old war veteran,” Jazz Shaw writes at Hot Air on moronic socialist “justice” “warriors” harassing the real deal:


100 year old U.S. Navy veteran Dario Raschio was scheduled to receive some long overdue medals for his service in World War II this weekend at a town hall in Portland, Oregon arranged by Senator Ron Wyden. The veteran of five campaigns in the Pacific Theatre was the subject of many stories, having done multiple observational flight runs, taken gunfire from the Japanese and even being shot down once, finding himself stranded in shark filled waters. The multiple medals he was to receive were all in recognition of various aspects of his service to our nation. Unfortunately, before the proceedings could get fully underway, things took a turn.

Shortly after Wyden began speaking, though, protesters erupted in the back of the room, shouting “hands-up, don’t shoot!” More than 100 pushed through the doors, banged on the windows from outside and hoisted signs.

Raschio and his daughter, Pam Brown of Portland, had a front-row seat to the spectacle. Raschio’s smile faded.

Demonstrators across the country have used “don’t shoot” and “hands up” as rallying cries following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, last fall. “I can’t breathe” references the death of Eric Garner, an unarmed black man who died in July following a chokehold by a New York City police officer…

The feisty centenarian quickly responded, “Give me a chance” which brought chuckles from the audience. He further chastised the shouters, saying “Let’s show a little respect for this occasion,” to which the crowd applauded.


I’m almost starting to believe Glenn Reynolds’ satiric theory that the remaining elements of the dwindling ranks of protestors are a conservative false-flag operation to make the left look even more unhinged than usual. And the actual protestors may want to run with that meme as well:

Indeed. In the meantime, some advice for the remaining protestors, making busywork for themselves by hectoring 100-year old WWII vets and 20-something Blue State hipsters having Sunday brunch:

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Update: Some related thoughts on the Ferguson protestors from Walter Williams:



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