'¿Fox Butterfield, Es Que Usted?'

“Venezuela is now the world champion of inflation, homicide, insecurity, and shortages of essential goods–from milk for children to insulin for diabetics and all kinds of indispensable products. All this despite having the greatest oil reserves in the world and a government with absolute control of all state institutions and levers of power.”–Moisés Naim, TheAtlantic.com, Feb. 25


—As spotted by James Taranto in his latest Best of the Web column today.

Hard to believe how badly the Atlantic has fallen in recent years from its perch as a once-serious publication. I’d blame Xenu, but his appearance last year on their homepage was simply the most visible symptom, not the cause.

And for those who can’t spot the glaring logical fallacy in the quote above, a rereading of the Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism is well in order.


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