Why Does the Left Hate Hillary Clinton So?


That’s no moon — it’s an Arkansas space station!

In 2007, Hillary Clinton released her perfectly safe, “Let the conversation begin,” bland, white-bread presidential campaign debut video, which had all of the earmarks of a presidential candidate believing that the election was hers to lose. The Obama campaign immediately blew up both that assumption and her video, by comparing her, in his debut video, to Big Brother in 1984, and (tacitly) Barack Obama to the latest happy shiny product from Steve Jobs, and/or that Macintosh you bought in 1984, and oooed and awwwwed at the sleek, cool modernist styling. Plus they made their video appear as if it was done by some mysterious superfan armed with mad video skillz, which only added to its mystique.


Last year, Hillary released her own weird viral “Ready for Hillary” campaign, with the disembodied head of Hillary printed onto a white T-shirt, Frisbee, and other swag — and the New York Times blows that up today, by comparing Hillary on the cover of its upcoming Sunday magazine to, depending upon whom you read on Twitter, the rock group Yes and David Lynch doing quaaludes and producing a lovechild, Aqua Teen Hillary Force, Hillary as a Saturday Night Live Conehead, Darth Vader sans helmet, the Death Star, etc.

In any case, as one person tweets, “Oh New York Times Magazine. You have unwittingly made millions of conservatives happy. Hahaha.” Not to mention proving that, as in 2007 and 2008, the left is far more willing to dump on her — and her supporters — than they ever were Obama, who was worshiped (quite literally in some particularly pathetic cases) as the Second Coming.

Which means that — as in 2007 — the left aren’t very happy about going to bat for Hillary, and she’s ripe for a challenger. Not to mention, as  Seth Mandel astutely noted yesterday regarding Wendy Davis’ failed attempt at self-mythology, “because modern liberalism is so intellectually conformist”…”to Democrats, your opinion is only valid if it matches a certain biography.”

Or to put it another way, over to you, Fauxcahontas!

Update: Understatement alert: “This is not the first time that New York Times Magazine has humiliated itself,” Truth Revolt notes, mentioning its awkward cover of Anthony Weiner and Hillary aide-de-camp Huma Abedin holding hands. Back in 1991, the magazine featured Woody Allen and Mia Farrow on its cover as an idyllic New York couple — about five minutes, in retrospect, before the words “Soon-Yi Previn” became a household name. I can’t find the cover online, but picture it as a the photographic equivalent of the hagiographic book excerpt inside that issue.


Oh, and pure nightmare fuel here — “Okay, who wants to be the first person to photoshop Bieber’s mugshot into the Planet Hillary cover?” Just remember: What is seen cannot be un-seen.

More: “How The NYT Magazine’s Crazy Cover Came to Be.”



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